Should I tip in Bangkok?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Katie Goldstein
  • Katie Lara

  • Correspondent

  • New York City, New York

While tipping taxi drivers and restaurant servers is not necessarily considered as compulsory as it is in many other countries, leaving some gratuity for good service has become fairly common and somewhat expected in Bangkok.
In general, taxi drivers will appreciate if you round up the cab fare; for example, give him or her 100 baht on a 85 baht fare — longer rides with bigger fares might warrant a little extra. Use that same “round up” rule of thumb when you’re dining out at one of the many casual, open-air restaurants in Bangkok, though if you’re enjoying a sit-down meal at a more traditional restaurant, like one you might visit back home, our Forbes Travel Guide editors suggest leaving 10 percent of your bill for gratuity. Many restaurants have begun automatically adding gratuity to the check, too, so be sure to review your charges and see if the gratuity is already included.

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