What are five things to know about China World Summit Wing, Beijing?

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Here are five things you should know if you’re planning a trip to China World Summit Wing, Beijing:

1. The views are simply amazing. Quite frankly, we don’t think you can find a better view in all of Beijing. You will undoubtedly enjoy glimpses of the Forbidden City as you enjoy the delicious buffet breakfast at Grill 79, admire the rows of skyscrapers as you run on the gym’s treadmills and marvel at the clouds passing by your window as you lie in bed.

2. While the staff is certainly friendly and accommodating, their English language fluency is not as good as at some other top hotels in Beijing. While this probably won’t impact your stay that much, should you need detailed information, say, about how the beef noodle soup on the room service menu is prepared or what’s in the cocktail you’re sipping at Atmosphere, realize that the staff won’t necessarily be able to communicate beyond the basics or standard questions.

3. If booking your reservation over the phone, be sure to specify the full name of the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel. The China World Hotel is another Shangri-La hotel, and located just across the street from this one. That the two hotels share essentially the same address just adds to the potential for confusion, and while the China World Hotel is a perfectly nice hotel, the China World Summit Wing is notably superior.

4. Since it’s located in the heart of the Central Business District, the hotel truly caters to business travelers, and, indeed, most of Beijing’s famous tourist attractions like Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City are at least a 15-minute drive away depending on traffic. There is, however, a superb shopping mall right below the hotel with all international luxury brands.

5. Enjoy the spa and pool. Beijing is a loud and often hectic city, so unwind with a traditional Chinese massage treatment at CHI, the hotel’s spa, or take a dip in the unique, indoor infinity pool before detoxing in the herbal steam room.

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