What words best describe the style of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The words we would use to best describe the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing are:

1. Contemporary. The public spaces are anchored by enormous modern calligraphy paintings by Chinese artist Qin Feng, which hang behind the reception and concierge desks.

2. Open-floor plan. The breakfast venue, bar and lounge are in a large two-story space, with a high-end shopping gallery wrapped around the perimeter one floor above. Guest room corridors circle a soaring atrium from the sixth floor to the top of the hotel.

3. Asian-inspired. Watercolor and ink-stroke paintings are displayed in black frames throughout the corridors, while a tea garden on the sixth floor of the hotel features dark wooden floors, sleek stone fountains and sprays of white orchids.

4. Welcoming. Velvet-upholstered armchairs, glossy side tables, lamps and magazines are positioned at each side of the elevator banks, as well as along the lobby, lending a welcoming atmosphere to the hotel.

5. Glitzy. Large ring-shaped crystal chandeliers hang from the lobby ceiling, while an eye-catching vertiginous installation of silver butterflies decorates the length of the hotel’s main atrium. Mio and Cai Xi Yuan, the hotel’s Italian and Chinese restaurants, also feature glamorous décor fit for an evening out.

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