What words best describe the style of the Kerry Hotel, Beijing?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The best words we would use to best describe the style of Kerry Hotel, Beijing, are:

1. Vibrant. With upbeat lounge music playing in the lobby and a series of glittering crystal chandeliers overhead, the hotel sparkles with energy.

2. Contemporary. Onyx and white marble flooring, clean-lined sofas and unique works of art like a cloud of golden butterflies hanging from the ceiling are found throughout the public areas.

3. Nature-inspired. In true Shangri-La style, subtle nature prints are everywhere, such as in the wispy mountain-vista backdrop of reception or the bamboo-patterned blue carpeting in the club lounge.

4. Open-plan. The lobby has a relaxed open-concept style, with a two-story glass façade, a stairwell leading to the upper floors and the bar, restaurant and deli just off of reception, ensuring a steady flow of traffic and great people-watching.

5. Asian. With a signature vanilla-bergamot scent in the air, fresh orchids on each table, Chinese brushstroke paintings and sand-textured walls, the hotel retains a strong sense of place.

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