What are the best things to order at Opera Bombana?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

With lots of delicious items to choose from, we’ve picked out the best things to order when dining at Opera Bombana:

1. Tiramisu. The traditional Italian dessert is given a modern twist with a gold foil garnish and a crème brûlée tart accompaniment.

2. Duo of foie gras. The appetizer includes one foie gras terrine with port wine jelly, chocolate and figs, as well as one foie gras roasted with olives, lemon confit and Tasmanian honey.

3. Osso buco. The tender veal shank has meat that falls away from the bone and unctuous marrow in the bone’s center, with saffron risotto on the side to add some al dente consistency.

4. Limoncello soufflé. This confection should be ordered with the main dinner, due to the 20-minute waiting time, but worthwhile as it comes with honey ice cream and raspberry jelly.

5. Tagliatelle. Made with sea urchin, zucchini and Sardinian bottarga, this pasta dish at Opera Bombana offers a high-end taste of la dolce vita.

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