Is there a jogging route near Boston Harbor Hotel?

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Melanie Nayer

There are two main jogging routes near Boston Harbor Hotel. The simplest, and the one located within the hotel’s path, is the Boston Harborwalk trail. The Boston Harborwalk was set up by the city to provide pathways around all the waterfront’s harbors. It starts at Lewis Wharf in the North End and winds past Long Wharf and into Rowes Wharf, where the Boston Harbor Hotel is located. The Harborwalk continues past the hotel, over the bridge and toward the federal courthouse, where you’ll circle around and jog back to your starting location. The entire Harborwalk is approximately 1.25 miles.

The other option, if you’re game for a longer jog, is to head out of the hotel on the city or harbor side and start your jog along the water toward the North End. You’ll continue down Atlantic Avenue, past Lewis Wharf, and over the Charlestown Bridge into Charlestown. Follow the path over the bridge and into Charlestown, where you’ll eventually end up on Monument Avenue, which will take you straight to the Bunker Hill Monument. The full round to trip run is approximately 3.5 to 4.5 miles, depending on the routes you take once you’re in Charlestown.

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