What are the parking options at Boston Harbor Hotel?

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Melanie Nayer

If you’re brave enough to drive in Boston, there is valet and a parking garage at Boston Harbor Hotel, as well as various garages and parking lots within a very short walking distance. There is no street parking near the hotel, so these are the best options. Prepare to pay a minimum of $25 to park your car overnight. And if you leave your car with the Boston Harbor Hotel valet, you can opt to have it washed and detailed. Those extra services come at a cost (you’ll need to consult the hotel on that, as it varies based on season and occupancy), but why not give your car a little pampering, too? If you’re arriving at the hotel in a personal boat, you can contact the hotel in advance for docking privileges. Keep in mind that each space (based on availability) is rented out by the hotel for a daily and nightly fee.

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