What bars does Boston Harbor Hotel have?

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Melanie Nayer

The Rowes Wharf Bar is the Boston Harbor Hotel’s main bar area. The bar offers a full roster of cocktails, wine and beer, in addition to a bar menu that includes everything from salads to pot pie. The place fills up fast with an enthusiastic bar crowd — especially business execs enjoying a well-crafted drink after a long day of work. Even on the weeknights, the Rowes Wharf Bar is popular. Get there early for a table or enjoy a seat at the bar for the evening. There is also a small bar in the Sea Grille (about five to seven seats) where you can order from the raw bar or from the main menu. This bar is not as lively as the Rowes Wharf Bar — it’s mainly just a place to have a drink while you wait for your dinner companion to arrive. If you’re dining at Meritage, you can have a pre-dinner drink at the bar or order dinner. Note that the bar in Meritage is still part of the restaurant’s fine dining atmosphere, so appropriate attire is required. In the Rowes Wharf Bar and Sea Grille, casual is completely acceptable.

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