What five things should I be sure to pack for my stay at Boston Harbor Hotel?

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Kim Atkinson

Boston Harbor Hotel’s location on the Boston waterfront puts it close to everything, including shops and convenience stores that stock anything you might have forgotten to pack. However, to avoid having to cut into your time at the Boston Harbor Hotel, we suggest you bring the following:

1. Snacks. While we love the hotel’s personalized mini-bar options, it’s significantly less expensive to pack your own favorite bites and keep them in your room’s empty fridge. Purchase drinks from the hotel (you likely wouldn’t be able to get them through airport security anyway), but come prepared with other items to keep your hunger at bay.

2. Deck wear. Boston Harbor Hotel may be one of the best harborside hotels in the city, but the hotel’s outdoor deck is simply one of the best parts of summer in general. Make sure to bring something summery but not too casual; nights on the deck are often borderline elegant. You can certainly wear jeans and khakis, but sipping champagne under the stars with the Boston Harbor waves crashing in the background is ideal for a little dress-up.

3. Boat shoes. With the endless boating options available at Boston Harbor Hotel, you’ll want proper footwear to board any of them. Make sure to pack a pair of waterproof shoes with treading on the soles, so you can easily hop from port to port.

4. Sunscreen. The summer sun in Boston can be potent, even beneath the haze and fog. So definitely pack sunscreen for your visit, especially if you plan to spend a few days on the water. The gift shop at the hotel does sell sunscreen, but it’s easily double what you’ll pay at a local drugstore.

5. Swimsuit. We don’t exactly suggest going for a dip in Boston Harbor, but the hotel’s 60-foot indoor lap pool is a different story altogether. Bring a swimsuit even if you don’t plan to swim, because the hotel’s gym and pool area can make for a great rainy-day activity.

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