What makes Boston Harbor Hotel different from other Five-Star hotels?

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Melanie Nayer

Boston Harbor Hotel is one of the grand structures of the Boston waterfront, making it a distinct destination point in the city. The building was originally designed to be condominiums, but thanks to a local real estate crisis, part of it was converted into a hotel. The fortunate upshot of that unfortunate bust? All the rooms in the hotel are at least 500 square feet, which means they’re significantly bigger than most Five-Star hotels in the city. Meanwhile, while many Five-Star hotels offer elegance in a museum-like environment, the Boston Harbor Hotel takes a more casual approach to luxury. Don’t let the entrance’s grandeur (crystal chandeliers and marble floors pervade) fool you; this exquisite hotel is one of the most kid-friendly in Boston, thanks to a focus on children’s activities and menus — yet another stark contrast to many luxury hotels in the city.

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