Does Four Seasons Hotel Boston have a guest loyalty program?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Melanie Nayer

There is no standard guest loyalty program for Four Seasons Hotel Boston, nor for the Four Seasons Hotel Group. However, each Four Seasons hotel does pay special attention to repeat and loyal guests. You might be placed on your favorite floor, or have your favorite wine or a fruit plate waiting for you in your room. The staff takes pride in getting to know you a little more each time you visit. As an additional highlight at Four Seasons Hotel Boston, you can often upgrade your room upon arrival. When you check in, if there’s a room category available at a higher level than the one you booked, the front desk will offer an upgrade at a discount. This means you could get a suite for only $100 more a night, instead of paying upwards of $800 a night if you had booked a suite outright. Four Seasons Boston would prefer you stay in the room of your choice, and if it can help get you get into a suite while keeping to your budget (and pending room availability), the hotel will be happy to upgrade you.

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