What cardio equipment does Four Seasons Hotel Boston gym have?

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There are six treadmills, three elliptical machines, two stairsteppers and two stationary bikes in the gym at Four Seasons Hotel Boston, all with integrated televisions and headsets. The best of the cardio equipment, however, is the Trixter Xdream bikes, which are virtual machines that simulate the experience of riding outdoors. You’ll choose your path and terrain from the TV monitor on your bike, then the computer system will generate a course based on your ability. You’ll move with the bike, feel the gears and even sway back and forth as you move around simulated corners and over hills. The workout is a true test in stamina, so be prepared to feel incredibly out of shape if you’re not used to this machine. For guests who dream of riding in the Tour de France, you can insert a thumb drive (offered by the hotel) that stores your information and helps you train. It’s all about blood, sweat and gears.

Bill Taylor

The fitness centre’s cardiovascular room is equipped with StairMasters and Precor treadmills with integrated televisions and headphones, as well as our latest interactive mountain bikes, Trixter Xdreams, which simulate the experience of riding outdoors. Precor stationary bikes and elliptical trainers are also available, and Cybex and Intek equipment is provided for strength training. The latest addition to the fitness center is the PRX.

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