What makes Seaport Hotel World & Trade Center different from other hotels?

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Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center is different from other hotels in a couple of ways. The hotel was one of the first to go up in Boston’s Seaport District, a once downtrodden area that in recent years been transformed to include numerous hotels, restaurants, the city’s federal courthouse, convention center and more. The hotel has also been a pioneer in adopting sustainable and green practices. Its eco-friendly environmental program Seaport Saves involves gentle cleaning practices, smart thermostats, in-room recycling program and eco-friendly transportation. The hotel has an electric water taxi, as well as charging stations for electric and hybrid cars – these vehicles also get complimentary valet. Alternatively, you can grab a bike for free or hop on the courtesy weekday shuttle to downtown. The hotel has its own gardens for growing produce and even keeps more than 270,000 bees on the fifth floor of the hotel for harvesting honey.

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