Does XV Beacon have connected rooms or suites?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Amy W. Finsilver

XV Beacon’s 02 and 04 Studios connect on all floors. We also have three suites.

Melanie Nayer

There are only seven guest rooms per floor (and only 63 total) at XV Beacon. The suites at XV Beacon are considered the hotel's "connecting rooms." The one- or two-bedroom suites range from 900 to 1,370 square feet, and include a separate dining room that accommodates up to 12 people (which can be used for business meetings). The hotel’s studios also provide more room. The Bostom Common Studios in particular have king beds, seating areas and queen-size pullout sofa beds that can be made up with linens for an additional $35 per night. 

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