What are the five best things to eat and drink at XV Beacon?

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Mooo is XV Beacon’s signature restaurant and one of Boston's top steakhouses. As the name suggests, Mooo is not your typical old-school steakhouse. You’ll find lots of twist on the classics (think: Australian Wagyu dumplings). Here are of the five best things to eat and drink at Mooo.

1. Oysters. The oysters at Mooo are priced at $18 to $24 each and you just gotta have oysters while in Boston. East Coast oysters are typically sweet and plump with a bit of a buttery taste, and go great with Mooo's oyster accompaniments: horseradish, cocktail sauce and a raspberry mignonette.

2. A steak. This might seems obvious but there are a lot of great things on the menu that might distract you from the meat of the matter. Each piece of meat here is served with roasted garlic and bone marrow butter (on the side) that is oh-so-good. We like the 8-ounce filet mignon, but it really depends on what your preference is. Big spenders might go for the 6-ounce Australian Kobe sirloin at $100.

3. The mac & cheese. Mooo’s mac and cheese comes in a small baking dish that’s bubbling over with cheese and is ooey-gooey and delicious. It’s very rich, so you might consider sharing. Or not. To make it even more decadent, you can add lobster to it. And to that we say, you’re in a steakhouse in Boston, so you might as well.

4. The fries. A side of fries is a steakhouse staple, but season them with Parmesan and truffle oil and you’re in comfort food heaven. These fries are the perfect side to just about anything on the menu. Or you can do what we do, which is order the fries and the oysters and eat them all at the bar. (We’re not worried about outing ourselves here as we’re sure others have had the same idea.)

5. Soft-shell crab. When soft-shell crabs are in season (they’re best in early summer), chef David Hutton does miraculous things with the crustaceans. If soft-shell crab is the special of the night, we recommend you put down the menu and order the dish.

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