When was the last room renovation completed at XV Beacon?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Amy W. Finsilver

The last room renovation completed at XV Beacon was in 2010.

Melanie Nayer

Though it first opened in 2000, the rooms at XV Beacon were renovated in 2009, in a refreshment that saw the addition of new carpet, fresh paint and luxury touches such as cashmere throw. The building in which XV Beacon is housed was originally built in 1722 and then re-occupied, renovated and redesigned in 1903, and still retains its cast-iron stories, limestone bands and Roman brick exterior. The interior design of XV Beacon is classic modern, combining the best of contemporary design with the ornate architecture of the past. Animal prints and leather furniture are juxtaposed with preserved iron-cage elevators and antique vases and artwork. The hallways and guest rooms feel residential, with flower-filled vases at the end of every hallway and the rooms stocked with thoughtful touches such as cashmere throws and personalized stationery.

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