What is the scene like at Deuxave?

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Melanie Nayer

Whether you visit on a Tuesday night or Saturday evening, you’re bound to find something worthy to watch while you dine at Deuxave Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant is a hidden gem for Boston’s top chefs and local celebrity designers. (On our visit, we spotted a favorite local chef and his boy-band-turned-actor brother.) The real scene takes place in the bar area, just steps from the front doors. You’ll find people congregating here well before their reservation, enjoying varieties of champagne and rosé wines. The bartenders are known around town for the classic martinis, so ordering up a sidecar or Manhattan isn’t unheard of around this bar. When your table is ready, the hostess will find you. If you’re mid-conversation or need just a few more minutes to wrap up, don’t worry — she will save your seat for you.

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