Does Mooo have any special or rare liquors?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Alexa DeMarco

We have a rare collection of scotches and armagnacs. 

Melanie Nayer

Mooo’s cocktail list impresses with some of the rarest liquors you’ll find in the States. Check out the British Royal Navy Rum for $325 a pour. The early-19th-century rum was lost while being shipped to England for the royal family. It was later salvaged from a sunken ship and assumed to be Jamaican rum. The Glenlivet Royal Wedding Reserve is $185 a pour. This scotch is a blend of 25-year-old whiskeys distilled by George and J.G. Smith to commemorate the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The ultimate pour comes courtesy of an Antoine Hardy & Cie, "Perfection Cognac," priced at $900 a pour. The cognac is blended from inventory accumulated during the 1860s after phylloxera, a root-eating louse, destroyed nearly all the vines of France. There is no other known cognac dating to pre-phyll times, which makes this bottle of cognac one of the rarest — and most precious — in the world.

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