What is the cancellation policy at Mooo?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Alexa DeMarco

For large parties of 10 or more who dine at Mooo, a $25 per person cancellation fee would apply if the group does not cancel by noon the day of its reservation.

Melanie Nayer

For general reservations (not large groups) at Mooo, there is no set cancellation policy. Staff at Mooo requests that you contact them as soon as you know you have to cancel or make a change to your party, so it can adjust its reservations systems appropriately. If you’re hosting a private event or group dinner at Mooo, you might be asked for a deposit when you make the reservation. You will also be subject to specific cancellation policies, based on the size of your party (parties of seven or more are subject to these policies) and whether or not you’re renting out any private function rooms.

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