Who is the chef at Mooo and what is his background?

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Alexa DeMarco

Executive Chef Mauricio Luna, a longtime native of New England and proclaimed city boy grew up in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston.  Mauricio's passion for food started at a very young age watching his immigrant parents cook dishes of there native lands of El Salvador and Columbia in their home kitchen.  Landing his first job as a teenager in a local pizza shop started to rev his creative juices in the food industry.  Years later, he interned as a prep cook at EVOO and The Elephant Walk, thereby solidifying his dreams to pursue a career in the food industry.
In his 20's after graduating from Newbury College, Chef Mauricio accepted a job as grill cook at Tosca in Hingham and later went onto Banquet Chef at local Hilton property.  His next endeavor led him to accepting a position at Aquitaine Bistro in Chestnut Hill.  After a short stint, he was asked by Jamie Mammano to join the Columbus Hospitality Group as sous chef with the opening of Teatro in Boston.  After a successful opening and years of hard work and dedication, Chef Mauricio became the overnight Chef and then later the Executive Sous Chef at Mooo, at XV Beacon Hotel.
Dedicating over 12 years with CHG, in November of 2015, Chef Mauricio was promoted to Executive Chef at Mooo, a position that was earned and well deserved.
Chef Mauricio enjoys the creativity and freedom that being a Chef gives you and the opportunity to work with local ingredients and vendors. Outside of work, you can see him spending time with his wife, a fellow CHG pastry chef, and teaching his two sons how to be little chefs.

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