What are quirky local customs in Boston?

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Melanie Nayer

Every city has its own special way of doing things, and Boston is no different. When you're here, there's a few things to be sure you're in-the-know on, so you don't get caught off guard:

If you hear quacking, it's OK to quack back. The quacking isn't just from the ducks swimming in Frog Pond, but it's from the Duck Tours that parade around Boston every day. Each Duck Tour rider gets their own "quacker", so they can quack at people during their ride. It's part of the fun, so just quack back - everyone else does!

If you're planning to take in a game at Fenway Park while you're visiting Boston, be sure to loosen up your vocal chords ahead of time. Aside from screaming for the Red Sox, you'll join the masses in the seventh-inning stretch song: "Sweet Caroline." The Neil Diamond favorite has been a staple at Fenway for generations, so make sure to sing along!

You also might notice a few ghastly tour buses making their way around town. Don't be scared - it's just the graveyard tours. Boston's cemetaries house some of the most prominent figures from our fast - including Sam Adams, John Adams and even Mother Goose! The graveyard tours are a favorite, quirky way to see the city and learn about some of Boston's most prominent historical figures.

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