What are the best things to eat and drink at Chatham Bars Inn Resort and Spa?

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Lobster, clams, oysters — there are so many great things to eat and drink during a stay at Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Chatham Bars Inn Resort and Spa on a trip to New England. Don’t miss a taste of the following:

1. Lobster roll. No vacation on the eastern shore is complete without a lobster roll. The traditional sandwich is available on The Sacred Cod Tavern lunch menu. Order the sea salt and green peppercorn fries on the side and you basically have a meal made in heaven.

2. Clam chowder. Next to the lobster roll, clam chowder is a ritual when you’re on Cape Cod. Order it with lunch or dinner at The Sacred Cod Tavern, where a bowl of the thick soup is served with common crackers and chives.

3. Steaks at STARS. Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Chatham Bars Inn Resort and Spa’s STARS restaurant is well known for its steaks. Choose your own cut of meat and enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars at this elegant venue.

4. Bacon and eggs at STARS. This is not a breakfast dish but rather the most popular starter on the STARS dinner menu. The restaurant’s rendition of bacon and eggs features grilled peppercorn-crusted pork belly and a 62 degree poached egg.

5. Tea service. We recommend enjoying the inn’s free tea service when you arrive. Call room service and it’ll deliver a complimentary tea tray to your door complete with all the fixings you enjoy in your cuppa to help soothe any jangled nerves from travel.

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