What amenities does Wequassett Resort and Golf Club provide for families with children?

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Wequassett Resort and Golf Club has great amenities for families with children. The children’s center is a haven for kids ages 2 to 12. Located just off the tennis courts, the center is equipped with Nintendo, Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation. There’s a small splash pool and playground decorated in a pirate theme, complete with a fountain and water canons for ultimate water fun. Also in the outdoor area you’ll find rope climbing, swings, running ramps and an outdoor dining area. During July and August, there are specific programs catered to toddlers (ages 2 to 4) and kids (4 to 12). Parents aren’t required to hang around, but you can access the children’s center playground with your child when there’s not a session. To sign your child up for a program at the children’s center, which is open daily, contact the concierge for times and specific activities.
Wequassett Resort and Golf Club also hosts various kids’ activities during the week, including seal watches, circus nights at the pool and “dive-in” movies. You can pick up an activities brochure from the concierge desk.

Mark J. Novota

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club can provide cribs, toddler beds, rollaway beds and children’s robes. The cribs are fitted with nautical-themed linens and a Wequassett teddy bear. We also have outlet covers, and we have replaced all drop-down-side cribs.

The resort features a “Pillow Pet” program for children in the spirit of the pillow menus that are commonly offered at luxury hotels and resorts for adults. These extremely popular pillows are delivered in a playful pet kennel to rooms with children.

Wequassett Children’s Center features a nautical-themed playground with a “tot lot” for our guests’ youngest children and a “children’s area” for those over five. There are pirate ships and treasure chests customized with age appropriate slides, run ramps, climbing and swinging ropes. In addition, there is an aquatic playground with fountains, sprays, an amphitheatre and outdoor dining area. The center is equipped with an array of high-tech amenities, including a 130" HD screen, Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The center offers children’s programming during the summer months, with daytime and evening sessions that include meals and incorporate arts, crafts, games and recreational activities.

The resort offers children’s menus at all restaurants, as well as a children’s room service menu.

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