Is Twenty-Eight Atlantic a romantic restaurant?

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Once you see the famed “table in the corner” at Twenty-Eight Atlantic, you’ll understand why so many proposals take place at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant. The table for two — a favorite among staff and guests — is the most intimate spot in the restaurant and offers the best views of Pleasant Bay and the beach at Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. When you sit there, you not only get the best views in the house, but you also have complete privacy from the rest of the restaurant. While walls or drapes do not separate you, the corner table has an air of exclusivity to it that makes it one of the most coveted spots in the place — and certainly the most romantic. However, don’t worry if you don’t score this coveted seat. Twenty-Eight Atlantic, especially at night, has a natural romance to it, thanks to its location on the beach. Forget who’s at the table next to you and just enjoy the views from where you sit. After dinner, you can continue the night with a romantic walk along the beach.

Mark J. Novota

Twenty-Eight Atlantic is a romantic spot, due to its intimate ambiance and breathtaking water views. Many marriage proposals and wedding anniversaries are celebrated at the restaurant.

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