What are the best beaches on the Cayman Islands?

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Seven Mile Beach might be the most popular, but the Cayman Islands are filled with plenty of great beaches for sunbathing and snorkeling. Here are five that Forbes Travel Guide editors recommend:
1. Seven Mile Beach. Starting with the most obvious and most popular choice, Seven Mile Beach is known for its beautiful coral sand. A long-time Caribbean favorite, it’s lined with hotels and provides plenty of water experiences including boating and snorkeling.  
2. Cayman Kai Beach. This beautiful beach located on the northern tip of Grand Cayman is similar to the Seven Mile Beach, except without all the crowds. Here you will find a few dining options and activities like scuba diving. 
3. Rum Point Beach. This popular beach located on the North Side of Grand Cayman is great for snorkeling with the kids, yet it’s also good for other water sports for adults. If you want to relax in the shade, just sit under one of the palm trees on the beach or take a break at one of its famous bars, The Wreck Bar.
4. Smith Cove. Conveniently located near the shops in George Town, this beach makes it easy to take a break from the sun. But be prepared for crowds — this spot is often filled with tourists just coming off the cruise ships that dock here.
5. Heritage Beach. While this beach is 40 minutes away from the main resort area and not ideal for swimming, it is good if you’re looking for a place to picnic. Depending on the time of year, you might be able to catch on event, since it has a stage for concerts.

Hayley Bosch

It's hard to imagine that a Caribbean island isn't chock-full of fantastic beaches, and the Cayman Islands are no exception. Chances are that your trip to this Western Caribbean destination will likely be spent on Grand Cayman, the largest of the three sister islands. The good news is that Grand Cayman is full of beautiful beaches, so you’ll have plenty of options to soak up the strong sun. After a recent visit, it’s safe to say that I didn’t find a beach I didn’t like on the island. Seven Mile Beach is, of course, the most famous of the bunch. This is where the majority of the hotels are located, as well as many condominiums. The crystal clear water laps on the powdery white sand beach, and water sports are aplenty. Whether you want to rent a jet ski or opt for the unique water jetpack, you’ll have plenty of aquatic options on Seven Mile Beach.

Two other great beaches sit on the north side of the island. If you’re looking for a vibrant scene dominated by top 40 tunes and Mudslides, make your way to Rum Point. Rumored to be the birthplace of the slushy Mudslide, Rum Point is a great place to enjoy the sun. Just down the way, you’ll find Starfish Beach, which is seemingly untouched. It’s a small stretch of beach — you won’t find any lounge chairs or beach servers here — but it’s beautiful. And as you may have guessed from its name, there are plenty of starfish in the shallow water. Both Rum Point and Starfish Beach are great stops if you are on the boat checking out Stingray City.

And if you’re one for snorkeling, head to Smith Cove near George Town. Depending on when you go, it could be filled with tourists hopping of the cruise ship or employees of Seven Mile Beach hotels looking to escape the crowds — either way, it’s great snorkeling.

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