What are the five best places to eat in the Cayman Islands?

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Get a taste of the Cayman Islands by dining at one of these five Forbes Travel Guide recommended restaurants:
1. Pirate’s Point Dining Room. This spot on Little Cayman opened in 1986, which was six years before the island even got electricity. Today, it blends California and Caribbean dishes, resulting in mouthwatering options like mahi-mahi on top of polenta with tomato-herb marinara and crispy onions.
2. Blue by Eric Ripert. Located inside The Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman, this restaurant from celeb chef Eric Ripert offers a seafood-inspired tasting menu with wine pairings.
3. The Brasserie. This restaurant in George Town couldn’t get any more local — it catches its own fish and grows its own herbs and vegetables. The menu constantly changes, but go for options like snapper ceviche and pepper pot soup.
4. Ristorante Pappagallo. Know for its romantic vibe (and, thus, its reputation as a popular proposal spot), Ristorante Pappagallo is located in a secluded area of West Bay. The restaurant itself is a thatched-room hut, and the food is Caribbean-infused Italian cuisine.
5. Grand Old House. One of the most elegant restaurants on the island, Grand Old House is located on a former coconut plantation in George Town. Here, you’ll enjoy fine dining service and modern spins on Caribbean cuisine.

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