Is there a jogging route near The Peninsula Chicago?

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You almost can’t miss the jogging route near The Peninsula Chicago: Lake Michigan. No, we’re not saying you need to walk or jog on water; instead, the lake has a path running parallel to it that lets you go for a run with a terrific scenery at your side. You can pick up a jogging map from the concierge or in your room to plan out your cardio session along the great lake.

Just four blocks from the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is Oak Street Beach, and you can access the lake shore path through a tunnel that takes you under the legendary Lake Shore Drive. On a nice day, this lakeside path can get pretty crowded, so make sure you keep your head up. You can run anywhere from one mile to 10 miles along the lake, and the lobby at The Peninsula Chicago has water and towels for you on the weekend to supplement your cardio trek.

You can also jog through the beautiful Gold Coast neighborhood; with the exception of Michigan Avenue, Chicago’s sidewalks are not usually that crowded and tend to be pretty easy to run on — not to mention a great way to explore a side of the city you may not see otherwise. You can get a solid run in as you navigate through the Gold Coast, and you’ll notice the streets are lined with beautiful brownstones, each one of them unique.

Chicago is a great place to jog when the weather permits. If you are visiting in the winter, you’ll more than likely stay inside and make use of one of the six treadmills in the gym. You will still get a view of the lake, but without that frostbitten wind whipping at your face. But for the rest of the year, the luxury Chicago hotel's ideal location puts you right in the heart of some of the city’s best scenery and jogging paths.

The hotel provides suggested jogging routes, and safety precautions are recommended. Every day, the hotel also provides complimentary water and cool towels for joggers.

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