What should I be sure to pack for a stay at The Peninsula Chicago?

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When you are packing for a stay at The Peninsula Chicago, keep in mind that the Chicago weather can be unreliable and turn from a hot summer day to a chilly wind at the drop of a hat. With that in mind, here are our top tips for packing:

1. A rain jacket. In the spring and summer, pack with lots of layers, so you can stay a step ahead of the weather; a light rain jacket will always come in handy.

2. A thick coat. In the winter, bring  your thickest goose-down coat, preferably one that comes below your knees

3. Winter accessories. Speaking of cold weather, a coat won't suffice. Come ready with a wooly hat, earmuffs and a good pair of warm gloves — make that two pairs of gloves. It gets very cold, both during the day and at night.

4. A bathing suit. Even if you do visit in the winter, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel has an indoor pool that is open year round. Bring your swimsuit to take a dip.

5. Comfortable shoes. The Chicago hotel is right off of Michigan Avenue, aka the Magnificient Mile. You'll need broken-in footwear to walk to all of Michigan Avenue's designer stores, from Neiman Marcus to Salvatore Ferragamo.

We suggest packing a camera and sunscreen during the summer months, other than that we provide most everything in your guestroom or suite or throughout the hotel. If you forget anything while you’re here, including workout clothing, we have a gift shop with necessities. Our pages, who serve as personal valets for guests would be more than happy to purchase any items you may have forgotten.

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