Where can I have breakfast at The Peninsula Chicago?

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The most popular choice for breakfast at The Peninsula Chicago is The Lobby. The menu has something for everyone; choose from a variety of healthy wholesome fruits and cereals, to some fluffy pancakes and scrambled eggs. There is also a traditional Japanese breakfast available, so you will be sure to find something to suit your appetite. Try to get there early and grab a table by the coveted window seats. This restaurant always seems to have a perfectly balanced mix of suited businessmen meeting for a power breakfast, European tourists in jeans and sporting knapsacks and families with kids. If you want something more casual or quick, try the warm, intimate, wood-filled Pierrot Gourmet for brioche and a cappuccino. Either way, you'll start the day right at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel.

Jennifer Kester

While businessmen and tourists fill The Peninsula Chicago's airy, light-filled Lobby for breakfast, I prefer to start the day in the more intimate, wood-paneled Pierrot Gourmet. The hearty flatbreads are the way to go, though you'll want to split one with a dining companion (the large dishes are served on their own cutting boards). Breakfast traditionalists will want the PG, whose cracker-thin crust is topped with chunks of bacon, scrambled eggs, onions, Gruyère and fromage blanc. For a different spin on morning pizza, try the flatbread slathered with pesto and dotted with fresh mozzarella rounds, onions, basil and plump shrimp. Though you may change your mind when you walk past the tempting pastry case, which is full of everything from peaut butter and jelly macarons to large chocolate mousse cake pops dusted with coconut shavings. 

If the weekend crowds deter you from dining here, head to the Chicago restaurant for lunch or dinner — you'll still be able to order one of its filling flatbreads for either meal.

Maria Zec

If you’re looking for fresh, organic and flavorful contemporary American cuisine, The Lobby is ideal for a power breakfast. If you’d like to spend your morning in a European café, you can join us at our street level café at Pierrot Gourmet.

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