What is involved in Trump Chicago’s turndown service?

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When it’s time to rest your weary head at Trump International Tower & Hotel Chicago, the turndown service will get you primed for sleep. You’ll find the white sheets on the bed turned down, decorative pillows removed and the floor-to-ceiling gray blackout drapes drawn. The room will be invitingly dark, except for the light above the kitchen counter and one lamp near the bed. During our visit, Scotty McCreery's "The Trouble with Girls" hummed on the bedside Bose radio/alarm clock.
The bedside table also will hold the TV remote, a bottle of Fiji water, a Spiegelau glass on a beige square coaster and a white business-card-sized note with gray print that says: "There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved." (The quote comes from George Sand, a pen name for female French writer Amandine-Aurore-Lucie Dudevant.) A white linen mat will sit on the side of the bed, along with a pair of light white terry cloth slippers with "Trump" embroidered in gray. Draped on the corner of the mattress will be a white waffle robe with a terry interior. At the foot of the bed, a tan padded bench hides away the decorative pillows and on top will be a tan leather-like tray. In the tray will be a card you can fill out for the complimentary back-in-an-hour shoe service and a white canvas drawstring bag where you can deposit your scuffed footwear. A breakfast menu and a laundry order form will sit in there as well. The television screen will display a soothing video of brightly colored tropical dish swimming about. On the dresser and TV stand, on a silver tray will carry a matching bucket filled with ice.  
If you’re staying in one of the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel’s spa guest rooms, you’ll also discover lavender-scented eye and neck pillows placed in a warming cabinet in the closet and ready for your use. Whichever room you stay in, you’ll find plenty of touches that will help you sleep.

Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago’s complimentary turndown service predicts your every want and need — preventing you from having to get out of bed to grab something once you have settled into your plush accommodations. Guests will come home to see a myriad of things arranged for their evening. First of all, the bed has been turned down — the decorative pillows have been whisked away, the bedding has been pulled down and pillows have been fluffed. On their pillow they will find an inspirational quote to carry them through the evening. Cold Trump water bottles have been placed on each nightstand, within easy reach to any sleeper. Guests will notice that a small turndown mat and a pair of slippers have been laid out at the head of the bed. Additionally, the room’s television remote has been placed on the nightstand.

For guests staying in our deluxe Spa guestrooms, an additional turn down amenity awaits them. They will find that the lavender-scented eye and neck pillows have been placed in a small warming cabinet, giving them a heavenly scent. Once guests place them over their eyes and around their necks, they will be transported into a place of absolutely relaxation.

From the moment a weary guest enters the room, our turn down service will carry them through a relaxing evening. Furthermore, any additional request can be immediately satisfied.

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