What is the closet like in a regular room at Trump Chicago?

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Stylista Ivanka Trump added some keen insight into the design for closets in the rooms at Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago. Don’t be afraid to pack the six back-up dresses you need, because the closets in this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel will have enough room to house them all. But the closets also have a unique and rather genius feature: The hanging rack is noticeably higher than those in other hotels because Ivanka wanted women to be able to bring longer dresses and not worry about wrinkles. So bring along that gorgeous floor-length gown, maxi dress or other outfit and store them in there. 

When Ivanka Trump was designing the guestrooms in Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, there were a few things that she wanted to customize to the Trump Hotel Collection. Perhaps something overlooked by many designers and guests alike but in reality of great importance, is the closet height. Ivanka realized that because of the number of galas and events being held in the city and in the hotel, many women in the hotel would have long, formal gowns. Because of this, she insisted that the closet heights and bar be higher to prevent gowns from dragging on the floor and wrinkling. This special touch is a favorite of fashionable women everywhere.

Beyond the bar height, the closets are large, spacious and numerous; there are two closets in every room and suite. They include luggage stands, shoe horns, hangers and all laundry and shoe shine materials. The spa guestroom closets have a special treat in them, as well. When housekeeping turns these rooms down at the end of the day, they will turn on a warming box for a special neck and eye pillow. These pillows are lavender scented and are the perfect way to unwind after a busy day.

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