What is the most romantic spot at Trump Chicago?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago has many romantic spots, but two are tied as the most romantic. The first is the couples’ treatment room in the Spa at Trump. A large, spacious room with a stunning view of the skyline, the room is a complete urban oasis. Light earth tones are highlighted by the rooms beautiful mosaic wall. Two side-by-side massage tables and two side-by-side deep soaking tubs make this room a place to unwind and enjoy your partners company. If guests choose to indulge in one of our full spa packages, they can enjoy a glass of champagne in the room or dine on an oyster platter — a true romantic gem.

The other most romantic spot at Trump Chicago is definitely an edge table at the Terrace at Trump. As you and your partner gaze out onto Lake Michigan, you will have a perfect view of the city at sunset. The buildings will begin to glisten with the sun’s reflection and the lights will start to come on along Michigan Avenue. Meanwhile, your server will present you with a delicate and handcrafted cocktail certain to put you in a romantic mood. Be sure to stop by on Wednesday or Saturday night to catch the Navy Pier fireworks. Romantic fireworks of your own are sure to follow.

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