What weight training equipment does the Trump Chicago’s gym offer?

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Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago’s gym uses the state-of-the-art brand, Technogym for the weight-training equipment, as well as cardio machines. Technogym’s products are the result of a great deal of medical, physical and scientific research to produce machines that maximize a workout. The Spa at Trump has 15 resistance machines, one for each major muscle in the body. These include the following machines: chest press, chest fly, seated rowing, lateral pull down, abdominal crunch, shoulder press, shoulder lateral raise, tricep press, bicep curl, leg press, leg hamstring curl, leg extension, glute machine, abductor machine and adductor machine. All of these machines are in the cardio room along the wall.

In the separate free weight room, guests will find a host of weights available to them. These include the radiant-cable cross over, squat machine, bench press, various other benches, free weights up to 75 pounds and the unique Technogym Kinesis machine. The only luxury hotel to have this machine in the city, it combines many different machines to give you an optimized 30-minute workout. Also in this room are mats, weight balls and jump ropes, all available to incorporate into your workout.

Should guests feel uncertain of themselves around new equipment or prefer a guided workout, they should work with one of the hotel’s excellent personal trainers. Available to hotel guests, these trainers are here to help you get the most out of your workout and the Spa at Trump Health Club’s facilities.

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