Are there any signature desserts at Alinea?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Nearly all of Alinea’s desserts fall into the category of being signature, since the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant crafts all original, avant-garde dishes for its massive 22-course tasting meanu. However, one sweet in particular stands out. Alinea’s signature chocolate course isn’t like any other you’ve had. The chef on duty brings out a gray rubber mat to your table, then drizzles caramel, cream and chocolate sauces over it, sprinkling on bits of milk chocolate and peanut butter crumbs. Next he breaks a piece of freeze-dried milk chocolate on the table and finally adds marinated blueberries to the course. Then you get to play with your food, mixing and matching flavors your way and eating the marvelous mess right off the table. This chocolate dessert is interactive, ingenious and wholly original to the inventive Chicago restaurant.

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