Does Alinea have any special or rare liquors?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Alinea does not serve liquor, but it does offer two carefully constructed wine pairings that match perfectly with each of the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant’s 22 courses. The standard pairing costs $135 per person, while the reserved pairing, which features rare wines, goes for $195. Alinea’s pairings pick up nuances in certain dishes and downplay strong flavors in others — further proof of the restaurant’s attention to detail.

Even if you don’t opt for wine pairings, you won’t have a teetotal dinner. Before your meal at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant begins, you’ll be served a special bubbly aperitif, a delightful sweet-and-citrusy concoction. The aperitif contains champagne, orange bitters, honey and chrysanthemum liqueur, which all combine for an unexpected light floral overtone. Hopefully, it will tide you cocktail connoisseurs over through the marathon of a meal.

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