Does Alinea offer any low-calorie options?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

A big part of the experience at Alinea involves watching what you eat — that is, literally watching the food before you and not so much counting calories. Though if you have dietary restrictions, you can let the chef know and he’ll make every effort to take your requests into account.

Since the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant's menu changes seasonally, many of the dishes use healthy, low-calorie ingredients, including fresh fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seafood. If you’re watching your weight, you can certainly opt not to eat some of the richer courses, like the decadent chocolate dessert, and you can avoid the extra calories of a wine pairing. However, a 22-course dinner isn’t a diet’s best friend, and dining at Alinea is something of an indulgence, so be advised that you may have to sit a few dishes out to stick with your calorie-counting plan.

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