Does Alinea offer any special gifts from the chef?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

While there are no gifts in the traditional sense from the chef at Alinea, think of the entire meal as something of a gift. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant prides itself on unique and creative food presentation, which makes each dish feel like a present you get to unwrap. Some courses are just plain fun to eat because they’re so unusual. For example, some dishes use utensils and props specifically crafted for the restaurant.

During our visit, chef Grant Achatz prepared what resembled a trapeze-like contraption that’s actually a strip of bacon dangling from the high wire served with butterscotch, apple and thyme. Another dish Achatz whipped up had two flags made of tomato and black garlic pasta sheets in metal and wood flagpoles that were we had to drape over a cradle-like tool to make a short rib ravioli. It’s a playful, interactive way of dining and an extraordinary culinary experience. At Alinea, food becomes art, which makes eating at the restaurant a real gift.

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