Does Alinea offer special bread and butter service?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

No bread or butter service is offered at Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Chicago restaurant Alinea. However, we’re betting you won’t miss the carbs with Alinea’s elaborate 22-course tasting menu. The dinner menu, the only available dining option, hits the whole continuum of sweet to savory and includes vegetables, pasta, delectable sauces, fresh seafood, French-inspired meat dishes and eye-catching desserts. The restaurant attempts to reinvent the dining process, which means that regular offerings, like bread and butter, are tossed out. Instead, you’ll find daring dishes that are prepared and presented in unusual ways. For example, Alinea recently served a short rib course with “pasta flags,” two housemade flat squares of tomato and black garlic pasta suspended from a wood and metal flagpole. To eat the dish, we had to drape the pasta flags on a cradle contraption and stuff them with short rib, olives, red wine and blackberries to make ravioli. You won’t find anything traditional at this avant-garde restaurant.

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