What kind of coffees and teas are served at Alinea?

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If you’re craving a hot beverage to cap off your 22-course marathon meal at Alinea, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant does serve coffee and tea. Like the wine list, the selection changes frequently, but you can expect to find an assortment of rich coffees and black, green, white and herbal teas. You will likely want some java or a cuppa to balance out the sweet signature chocolate dessert. During the interactive course, a gray rubber mat is placed at your table and the chef drizzles caramel, cream and chocolate sauces on it, as well as milk chocolate and peanut butter crumbs. Then he breaks a freeze-dried piece of milk chocolate on the table and throws in some marinated blueberries. Finally, you get to dig into the mouth-watering mess and pair it with your hot drink.

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