Who is the pastry chef at Alinea?

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Unlike most top-notch eateries, Alinea does not employ a pastry chef; dessert duty is a shared responsibility at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant. In addition to chef and owner Grant Achatz, Alinea’s talented staff includes two sous chefs and a chef de cuisine. Each is highly qualified to whip up the restaurant’s signature chocolate dessert, which is prepared tableside by the chef. A server spreads out a gray rubber mat on your table. Then the on-duty chef gets to work, drizzling caramel, cream and chocolate sauces and sprinkling milk chocolate and peanut butter crumbs on top of it. Next, he breaks a piece of freeze-dried milk chocolate on the table and adds marinated blueberries to the marvelous mess. Then you get to play pastry chef, mixing and matching flavors your way, and finally eating the course right off the table.

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