What are the five best treatments at The Peninsula Spa Chicago?

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The treatments at The Peninsula Spa Chicago are top-notch. Here are the five best treatments to try when visiting the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa:
1. The aromatherapy massage was one of the best Forbes Travel Guide editors had  ever experienced. The nice thing about the aromatherapy massage at The Peninsula Spa Chicago is that it’s completely customizable. Your therapist will listen to what you need, then choose the right oil and the kind of pressure you to banish every bit of tension. The other nice part is that the aromatherapy oils aren’t just applied but are set in a bowl under your table so you can inhale them while your therapist is working through a particularly sore spot. 

2. The Basic Skin Rescue is a standout among the great facials that target aging, dryness and other concerns at the Chicago spa. As with other treatments, therapists customize the Basic Skin Rescue to your needs.

3. The Uplifting Mint Experience is indeed uplifting. The treatment begins with a footbath followed by an invigorating mint and apricot scrub and ends with an aromatic massage using wild mint oil.

4. The AMA Releasing Abyhanga features a body scrub and marma-point massage (basically, a pressure-point massage) as well as a scalp massage with oil poured onto the third eye, found in the center of your forehead. The slightly exotic, Ayurveda-inspired treatment is deeply relaxing.

5. The Escape from the City is a package that includes a 60-minute aromatherapy massage, a 90-minute anti-aging active peel facial and a classic pedicure — everything you really want from a great spa day. After four hours, the revitalizing treatments will make you feel ready to take on the city again.

1. One of the best treatments at The Peninsula Spa Chicago is the Anti-Aging Active Peel Facial, which rejuvenates and replenishes the skin.

2. Another great treatment is the Uplifting Mint Experience, which features advanced massage techniques using refreshing oil that dispels tension and restores the mind and body.

3. The Dosha Specific Ayurvedic Body Mask makes for another relaxing and calming choice that we highly recommend.

4. The Jade Hot Stone Massage is a treatment that harnesses the beneficial properties of jade and aims to relax the body and clear the mind.

5. Lastly, try the Freedom of Life Dance, which is a unique and powerful massage that replaces stressful tension with immense calm and tranquility.

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