What is the cell phone policy at The Peninsula Spa Chicago?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Whether it’s a slight vibrate or a full-blown ringtone, The Peninsula Spa Chicago doesn’t discriminate between the two when it comes to cell phones around the facilities. Bottom line is — as a guest of the Four-Star spa, you’re expected by policy to turn off all mobile devices the moment you enter the reception area. While this may seem a bit tough, just remember that you’re shelling out some serious cash to enter a state of serenity and total relaxation, and the last thing you want is the constant buzzing of texts and emails disturbing your time — or the time of the other guests at the spa, for that matter. So do yourself and everyone else a favor and shut off your phone prior to your appointment.

The Peninsula Spa Chicago is an environment of privacy and serenity. It’s also a mobile phone-, pager-, and smoke-free zone.

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