What kind of aromatherapy massage is offered at The Peninsula Spa Chicago?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

The aromatherapy massage offered at The Peninsula Spa Chicago is a personalized and therapeutic experience. You’ll be offered a choice of essential oils to be used throughout the holistic service scented for your needs, whether it’s to detoxify, soothe, energize or boost the body’s immune system. You’ll test which scent you want before the treatment and take in a deep breath to have it begin entering your system. Your masseuse will then put the oil of your choice in a bowl under your nose while you’re lying face-down to take in as you receive work on your legs, feet and back. The expert techniques combined with these essential oil blends make for an invigorating and highly relaxing aromatherapy massage.

The Peninsula Spa Chicago offers both 60- and 90-minute massages that are customized for each guest by spa therapists during the consultation process. During each treatment session, guests can choose from a variety of different aromas. Therapists can assist you with choosing the perfect aroma to ensure each guest has a relaxing, rejuvenating, and soothing treatment.

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