What kinds of nail services are offered at The Peninsula Spa Chicago?

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A variety of nail services are offered at The Peninsula Spa Chicago. Choose from the Holistic Hands treatment where your arms, hands and nails will receive a hot stone therapy massage with essential oils. Hands and nails are dipped in warm paraffin wax and then wrapped in warm mitts. The Holistic Feet treatment also includes an aromatherapy massage on key pressure points and the feet are covered in wax to leave them silky soft.

The Peninsula Spa Chicago also offers Nourishing Manicure and Nourishing Pedicure treatments alongside classic and French manicures and pedicures, polish changing services and a separate paraffin hand and foot treatment.

The Peninsula Spa Chicago offers Nourishing Manicures and Pedicures, in addition to nail polishing, Classic and French Manicures and Pedicures, as well as waxing treatments.

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