What kinds of wraps are offered at The Peninsula Spa Chicago?

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Indulge in a wrap at The Peninsula Spa Chicago. The Four-Star spa offers the two-hour Dosha Specific Body Wrap combining a cocoon of warm linens, hot stone massage and body exfoliation. The procedure begins with a sun-dried sea salt and oil scrub and proceeds with a warm clay, marine algae or mud body mask enriched with minerals before the wrap is applied. After a shower it’s on to a massage with hot volcanic stones and warm oils. The two-hour treatment is guaranteed to relieve any tension you walked in with.

The spa also offers 60-minute body wraps that you can customize by choosing a blend of aromatherapy oils and either a detoxifying algae, moisturizing marine mud or clay body mask. These include skin brushing to exfoliate skin and all the body wraps at The Peninsula Spa Chicago conclude with a calming head massage to make your treatment complete.

The Peninsula Spa Chicago offers 60-minute detoxifying, moisturizing, and therapeutic body wraps as well as a Dosha Specific Body Wrap. The Spa’s body wraps help improve skin’s texture and restore the body’s balance. Lymphatic skin brushing and body exfoliation is performed before the application of your chosen aromatherapy oils, followed by your choice of detoxifying algae, moisturizing marine mud, or therapeutic oshadi clay. These results-oriented wraps end with a soothing head massage.

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