What five things do we love most about The Broadmoor?

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If there’s anything that The Broadmoor is not, it’s cookie-cutter. We could write all day about the things we adore about the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel. But to make things easier on you, these are the five we love the most:

1. The unique ambience. Take a grand tour of the grounds and its many buildings, and you’ll see and feel the subtle shifts in ambience. Though every nook and cranny is opulent, from the chandeliers overhead to the handsomely upholstered furnishings to the fresh-cut floral arrangements on the tables, differences in color scheme and design give each lobby, foyer and mezzanine its own feel. It’s all enhanced by objects d’art from, among other places, the collection of the hotel’s world-traveling founders, Spencer and Julie Penrose, as well as an impressive display of Western art from the personal collection of the current owner.

2. The activities. The Broadmoor’s uniqueness isn’t just decorative. It’s evident as well in the sheer array of leisurely activities at your fingertips. Golf, tennis, swimming and shopping go without saying; so do spa treatments and fitness classes. But the Colorado Springs hotel also offers onsite paddleboat rides, lawn bowling games and bicycle rentals; off-site excursions include horseback riding, whitewater rafting, hot-air ballooning, on- and off-site fly-fishing and much more — just ask the concierge. And, of course, hikers and climbers are minutes away from myriad trailheads. But the indoors is just as great as the outdoors, whether you browse around the Penrose Heritage Museum, which displays the Penrose’s historic collection of coaches and automobiles as well as iconic cars from the fabled Broadmoor Pikes Peak Hill Climb; catch a flick in the movie theater (three films are in rotation each week); go bowling at the hotel’s newest venue PLAY, or hunker down over one of the game tables scattered throughout the hotel for a checkers or chess match.

3. The eating options. With 19 restaurants, cafés and lounges to choose from, dining options are equally varied. While multi-course extravaganzas at the renowned Five-Star Penrose Room are a must, charming little surprises abound; think s’mores around the fire pit on the patio just outside of the new Bar del Lago in Broadmoor West, or enjoy nightly rowdy ragtime sing-alongs at the Golden Bee.

4. The wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled on any given stroll around the grounds; you’re likely to glimpse hummingbirds, ducks, geese, deer, the elusive crane and even — hopefully from some distance — the occasional bear.

5. The staff. What may be most startling about The Broadmoor is its sense of community. You won’t go more than 50 paces without being greeted warmly by an employee. You also can’t help but note that they hail one another with equal cheer. (Some jaded city-slicker types might almost be unnerved.) That’s Western hospitality for you, as cultivated at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel.

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