What five words would you use to describe the style of The Broadmoor?

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The Broadmoor can be described in a number of ways, but here’s our list of five words to describe the style of this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel:
1. Sumptuous. The hotel is nothing if not sumptuous, reflecting the Italian Renaissance style that founders Spencer and Julie Penrose complemented with artworks from their world travels.
2. Rococo. Gilded here, polished there, and colorful everywhere, there’s a fluidity throughout the hotel stemming from the Late Baroque period in Europe, where artists strayed away from symmetry and instead gave their work a more ornate touch.
3. Understated. What the hotel isn’t, however, is heavy or overdone: Enormous picture windows ensure the sun-filled interiors maintain the breezy aura that defines a resort, sculpted to a T from the golf courses to the gardens.
4. Balanced. If the golf and tennis club boasts a — what else? — clubby, cozy atmosphere, the upstairs spa conveys an appropriately posh serenity in its pin-drop-quiet lounges and treatment rooms.
5. Spacious. With more than 750 rooms, 19 restaurants, three golf courses, six tennis courts, two swimming pools and three outdoor hot tubs, there’s no denying that this sprawling Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is the full package.

Shauna Sartori

The design is appropriate to the history of the buildings, maintaining an updated “Old World” European elegance with the comfort that is expected in a Colorado resort.

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