What is involved in The Broadmoor’s turndown service?

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There’s much more to bedtime than just sleep, just as there’s much more to turndown service at The Broadmoor than turning back the linens.
In every guest room, suite, and cottage at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel, housekeeping sets the evening mood by closing the drapes, dimming the lights and playing classical music (on the radio, of course, not in person). On your pillow you’ll find a newsletter complete with event listings and a weather report for the following day, which you can peruse while munching on gourmet chocolates. Speaking of chocolate, there are chocolate-chip pancakes on the breakfast menu left for you by room service, as well as eggs Benedict, build-your-own omelets, steel-cut oatmeal and other classic eye-openers.
Finally, there’s also a laundry bag, assuming you ever bothered to get out of your bathrobe.

Shauna Sartori

Our guest rooms are serviced in the evening with a goal of creating a quiet, calming environment for our guests to unwind before retiring for the night. The room is straightened, draperies closed, the beds turned back, low lights are left on and a classical music station is set on the radio to enhance relaxation. Small touches add convenience for our guests such as the daily event sheet or “bedtime story” with the next day’s weather and pertinent property information that is placed on the pillow along with yummy chocolates. A breakfast menu is laid out should the guests wish to preorder for room service delivery the next morning and a laundry bag is placed on the bed for the guest’s used clothing.

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