What kind of Internet and Wi-Fi access is offered throughout The Broadmoor?

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Both wired and wireless Internet access is available throughout The Broadmoor, whose system is designed to prevent the threat of external attacks. (After all, playing host to every organization and corporation from NATO to Boeing to successive U.S. presidential contingents means the hotel has got a lot riding on its invulnerability to compromise.) Don’t worry about any pesky Internet fees either: Wired and Wi-Fi access is included in your daily resort service charge during your stay at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel, so you can peruse the web as long as you want.
That said, given the luxury hotel’s idyllic locale on 3,000 lush Colorado acres, we’re not sure you’re going to want to eat up much of your time browsing websites and updating your Facebook status. It is a vacation, right?

Shauna Sartori

The Broadmoor offers both wired and wireless Internet access in The Broadmoor Hall. Public and static IP addresses are available upon request. Our network backbone is built on singlemode fiber optics with gigabit switching technology. We have an intrusion detection and prevention system in place to help prevent attacks and vulnerability exploits from external Internet sources.

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