What wines are served at the bar at The Broadmoor?

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Wine selection varies from place to place at The Broadmoor, but some generalizations hold true. In keeping with the kitchen’s European leanings, the wine list at Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Penrose Room is strictly Old World, though not rigidly traditional: There’s room for emerging regions and varietals as well as the great wines of Champagne and Burgundy.
By contrast, the selections at Summit, like the food they accompany, skew not merely contemporary but downright progressive. Summit spotlights boutique, often eco-oriented wineries from around the world, and showcases their bottles in a stunning, floor-to-ceiling glass cylinder behind the bar.

Shauna Sartori

While The Broadmoor boasts a wide variety and selection of wine, three restaurants in particular represent the vast varietals offered on property: Ristorante del Lago, Penrose Room and Summit.

The beverage program at Ristorante del Lago delivers a robust selection of Italian wine and spirits, paying respect to both iconic producers in well-known regions, to small, off-the-beaten-path gems that intrigue and gratify adventurous guests.

The extensive, 1,000-bottle wine list at Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Penrose Room focuses on white wines from Burgundy France, as well as Germany and Austria. The red wine section stays within France, Italy, and Spain, primarily looking at wines from Burgundy (Pinot Noir) and the Rhone Valley. In terms of focus on reds, Penrose Room sommeliers chose Pinot because it is the most expressive grape in the world and this is where it originates. They picked the Rhone Valley because the wines from here are unique and special, and the wines pair well with the Penrose Room menu offerings.  There is a distinct focus on wines from Spain, strongly because it is considered to be one of the hottest regions for wine today. The Penrose Room is a place where guests can try wines that are new and unique to the market. Value, too, is a consideration. Even though a team of sommeliers have created a premium list at Penrose Room, they also maintain a sense of value.

As for the extensive wine lists at Summit, a seasonal list of 50 wines, many of them by the glass, as well as another 200 bottles of wine that fill the striking 14-foot rotating wine turret. A heavy interest is put into wines that are using sustainable, organic, and biodynamic practices. As well as sourcing from the great regions of the world, much effort is put into sourcing new and unknown wine and regions, and focuses on value as well as character.

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